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You begin with a text, you sculpt information, you chisel away what’s not needed, you come to the point, make things clear, add value, you’re a content person, you like words  to forswear forever.


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Vanity day giving points


Favour met itself wanted


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If that’s what you think how bout the other way around? How can you evaluate content without design? No typography, no colors, no layout, no styles, all those things that convey the important signals that go beyond the mere textual.

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General Contracting

This is quite a problem to solve, but just doing signals character.

Construction Consult

Ask them to provide style sheets with the copy decks they supply that.

Architecture Style

Priorities, all those subtle cues that also have visual and emotional.

Plumbing Services

Depending on the state of affairs it may be fine to concentrate either.

Interior Design

Rigid proponents of content strategy may shun the use of dummy copy.

Electrical System

Accept that it’s sometimes okay to focus just on the content or just.
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